MTBNav-Metro from Rosny on Sunday 7th December 2014

A Rogaine with the options of three or six hours duration, either on bike or on foot. It is a Team event for two to five people where participants devise their own route to collect as many points as possible in the time available by visiting control points identified on a map. For this event the map area covers the Domain and Cornelian Bay on the Western Shore, and from Geilston Bay to Howrah on the Eastern Shore. Traversing the Tasman Bridge is included.

Being a suburban area, there are many opportunities to visit a café along the way. If a Team finds the riding or walking too tiring it is just a matter of staying in the flatter areas, or returning to the assembly area at any time. One aim of the event is to have participants visit as many tracks in bush reserves as feasible. Riders may only ride on formed roads, tracks and paths, whilst walkers can go wherever access is legitimate. Much of the riding will be on hard surfaces such as roads where safe practices are important. If you like mountain bike riding, or enjoy extended walks, the event offers a unique and interesting way to gain your exercise.

Assembly, start and finish are at the Scout Hall in Loinah Road, Rosny near the Clarence Pool. Start of the six hour is 10.00am - maps available 8.30am - and start of the three hour is 12.30pm - maps available 11.00am. Finish for the three hour is 3.30pm and finish for the six hour is 4.00pm. Light refreshments will be provided at assembly from about 3.00pm, with presentations at around 4.30pm.

Each control features a question to be answered from the multiple choices on the answer sheet. Controls have different point values between 10 and 90. Devising a route that is within the capabilities of the Team while maximising points collection is part of the challenge.

Entries open on Monday 3/11/14 and close at midnight on Wednesday 3/12/14 and can only be submitted and paid for through the online Entryhub system.

Cost is $35 per person, or $25 per person for a full time student aged 25 years or under, and includes the light refreshments afterwards. There are no late entries nor enter-on-the-day for this event. Enquiries may be directed to Mark Hey at or on 6272 7233.