RouteGadget is a web utility for displaying rogaine routes captured using a GPS. You can view and replay routes for one or more selected teams

To use RouteGadget:

To load your route:

  • Select the "Draw" tab
  • Choose your course (All Controls)
  • Enter the name of your team members in the Name field
  • Enter a dummy time (eg 55:55) in the time field
  • Write any comments you wish to record
  • Don't worry about "Align map to next control" - leave unchecked
  • Upload your GPS trace (GPX or TCX) - no need to play with "Autofit" options

To display & replay routes:

  • Go to the Results tab and select a course. Display the course by checking the box to the right of the course name
  • Teams who have uploaded or drawn a route will have a checkbox next to their names. Clicking this checkbox will display their route on the map.
  • To change the colour of a team's route uncheck and re-check this check box to cycle to an acceptable colour
  • Every competitor has a checkbox in the column headed with a "play play" icon. Select these to replay the competitors' routes.
  • There are quite a few useful options available in the replay control box. Hover your mouse over each icon to see what it does. In particular you can speed up the track replay

Settings & Help

  • Some extra settings are available by clicking the "cog" icon in the blue menu bar. Reducing the "Route width" can be useful for clarity
  • Competitors comments and links to a basic help file are accessed by clicking the "question mark icon" in the blue menu bar