Due to the heavy rains in the event area, we have no choice but to postpone the Midlands Muster. We do not take this decision lightly, given how hard organisers have worked towards this event and that entries were looking very healthy. However, the event course is just too wet. Minor streams have turned into impassable torrents or lakes. Some of these are in the vicinity of the Hash House where many newcomers and children will spend their time. The weather outlook is an improvement from last week, but there will still be rain and the ground is soaked. Even if the streams subside, the paddock the hash house is situated on will not dry out in time. The camping area is not just damp, it is covered in water so it is unusable for camping.

By Thorlene Egerton and Jonathan Sutcliffe (newly Tasmanians)


Thorlene Egerton and Jonathan Sutcliffe at the prize ceremony. Photo credit: Victorian Rogaining Association

Oh boy, what an area. We went into it pretty confident in our ability to handle it given we just came back from Worlds in the mountains of the Czech Republic. But the Victorian Pyrenees were a whole new world of challenge. The climbs were steep and relentless and it simply wasn’t possible to plan a course that avoided them. Probably in hindsight, we should have gone to the northwest flatter area first and cleaned up there before facing the bigger climbs but we thought we’d save it to the end and see how much time we had left given the points/km was considerably lower. But we just exhausted ourselves in the first few hours in the centre and east side of the map. We realised we were going to need some major revisions of our plan and we got to work cutting big chunks of our planned route and then also cutting any checkpoint that involved a really big climb. As it went dark our strategy was to move slowly and stay on tracks as much as possible – taking long track routes to any checkpoint that had only a moderate amount and steepne

By Lucy Hawthorne

the hills of the Pyrenees beyond a misleadingly flat paddock

This month I travelled to Victoria to the Pyrenees Ponder Australasian Rogaining Championships where I competed with my dad, Neil Hawthorne. Unlike Neil, who has competed in the World Rogaining Championships multiple times, coming second in his category one year, I like to think of myself as an enthusiastic participant, rather than a champion. Happily, we achieved our modest goals: get over 1000 points, don’t get a concussion, don’t get irreversibly lost, and get back to the hash house on Saturday night to sleep at a reasonable hour.

MM Snippet Lrg

For those who have only entered metrogaines previously, there are some important differences to be aware of for a bush event:

Congratulations to Jonathan McComb and Ian Parker for their overall victory in the 6-hr category, and to Anthony Stoner and Niko Stoner in the 3-hr. Full results and winning routes can be found at www.rt.asn.au/event-results.

We are constantly updating our local maps, so if you spotted any errors or have suggestions, email Gary. Keep reading for reports by the course setters and winners.


Course setters report by Jacqui Guy

When Mandy McIntyre conned Carolyn Davis and me into joining her, I had no idea that setting a Metrogaine would be even more fun than competing!! I anticipated a lot of exploring and planning at a more leisurely pace with my rogaine besties, but didn’t realise I would learn so much. As novice setters we proved that with the support of the committee anyone can have a turn at setting an event.