Results are available for the Marieville Mayhem at .

Congratulations to Jonathan McComb and Ian Parker for their overall victory in the 6-hr category, and to Anthony Stoner and Niko Stoner in the 3-hr.

Photographs of teams finishing and at the presentations can be found here. Sincere thanks to Jonathon Rees for the excellent photographs.

Winners’ route maps will be published in the next few days. Meanwhile check out Rogaining Tasmania's Facebook page for feedback.

Many thanks to the setters, vetters and admin helpers who made the event possible.

When did you start rogaining and why? 

In the late 1980s I worked for the Geology Dept at the Uni of WA and the place was a little rogaine-mad. Neil Phillips (one of the founders of rogaining) was working there at the time. I suspect my first involvement was helping to load the hired rogaine truck with food as some catering was supplied by UWA. I recall collecting checkpoints after the Maradong Madness in October 1987. My first event was the Heartbreak rogaine in 1989 where we came an impressive 123rd overall. 

That was over 120 rogaines ago, not counting Metrogaines.

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The proposed March 2022 Metrogaine has been postponed and will be held in late May if possible. Considering the currently high infection rates and an uncertain few months ahead, the RT committee and event organisers agreed that running the event at a later date will allow for a safer environment for both entrants and volunteers.

At the AGM held last November, we welcomed the following to the RT committee: Lucy Hawthorne will handle the social media and newsletter role; Bernard Walker who has been prominent for many years setting events and managing the online entries; and Karen Wild-Allen who has set some metrogaines and is a keen competitor. We thank Hugh Fitzgerald and Robyn Tuft for serving on the committee. Kristin Raw has taken over as the junior vice president from Robyn.

Keep an eye on the RT Facebook site and website for updates about the May event. We’ll also announce the event by newsletter.

Stay safe!



2021 was a successful year for Rogaining Tasmania. Our state has remained free of COVID-19 community transmission enabling us to run our events without disruption, which is certainly not the case on the mainland. Our events were all successful, well-organised and fun! Attendance at our events continues to rise, leading to profitable events and allowing for our entry costs to decrease. 

In the past year we ran the following events: 

  • The Hit and Miss Metrogaine, 29thNovember 2020. This was last year, but within our recent financial year. This event attracted 170 entrants, made up of about 39 teams on foot, and 28 teams on bikes.
  • The weetapoona wander, 27thFebruary 2021. Held on North Bruny Island on Murrayfield Station and surrounding farms. 210 entrants, made up from 44 teams in the 12-hr and 40 teams in the 6-hr. 
  • The Lenah Valley Hop Metrogaine, 22ndAugust 2021. A record attendance for an RT event with 334 entrants. 58 teams in the 3-hr and 77 teams in the 6-hr.
  • The Lindisfun bike and on-foot Metrogainewill be held next weekend. Numbers are looking good for this event and we are likely to get around 200 entrants. 

Honorary life membership is awarded for outstanding service to rogaining in Tasmania. Adele certainly ticks all the boxes.

Adele competed in her first rogaine in 1997, and she quickly became involved in event organisation and administration.

In 2001 she took on the task of Event Director for the Honeysuckle 24- and 8-hour rogaine. This was one of Rogaining Tasmania’s most successful events, mainly due to her team management skills, planning ability, and attention to detail. It was here that her landowner negotiation skills first came to the attention of the committee.