Ideally a rogaine course should be designed so that the best teams think they can get all the checkpoints, but they actually can’t. We did that. But we didn’t expect a team of elite European orienteers to enter. And to be honest, even when they did, we thought ‘Ah, orienteering whiz kids – won’t have the stamina for a 12 hour event. Just show-ponies when it comes to rogaining’. How wrong we were.


The World Rogaine Championships returned to Australia for the fourth time on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th July 2016. The venue included some of the area used for the 2007 Australian Championships - the spectacularly scenic East MacDonnell and Fergusson Ranges 80kms east of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.


Sunset scenery - with a touch of spinifex. Photo by Bill Butler.

WRC16 PP EDM 595x600 RGB ãÆEntries are still available in the 2016 World Rogaining Championship to be held in the East McDonnell Ranges near Alice Springs 23-24 July 2016.


This will be held at Ross Kelly's house, 30 Caroline Street, Dynnyrne, commencing 12 noon on Sunday 21 February, 2016.  The meeting will precede an Australopers Orienteering Club BBQ and AGM that starts at 12:30pm.  You are most welcome to stay for the BBQ.

AGM documents are available here.

This was certainly the most successful event we have held in years.  It attracted many entries from the mainland and some from overseas.  Particular thanks are due to Gary Carroll, Matt Chamberlain, Bernard Walker and Sarah Brain for the many days they spent designing and setting the course.  Thanks also to the many others who helped with the event organisation too.  We were grateful for the help we received from competitors who helped collect controls on the Sunday after the event.

Both events were won by teams from the mainland.  David Baldwin and Julie Quinn from ACTRA won the 24hr event , Steve Loch and Polly Weston from WARA won the 8hr event.  Read an account of how they won kindly provided by Julie Quinn here.

David Julie 2

David Baldwin and Julie Quinn winners of the 24hr event

Some Tasmanian teams performed well: Luke Rapley and Kris Clauson came 3rd in the 24hr event, Kieren Blake, Bromwyn Kimber and Steve Lock came 2nd in the 8hr event.