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Lenah Valley Hops Again

This event will be held in the same area used for the Lenah Valley Hop event in 2021. So prepare for moss-covered ruins, delightful knolls, abandoned quarries, magnificent boulders, splendid spurs, gorgeous gullies, and of course, the odd intact hut. On the urban edges, you’ll visit public artworks, street libraries, novelty letter boxes and the odd park. There might also be a checkpoint at the local pub. However, it’ll be the bushy areas where you’ll pick up the big points.

Entries will open in July 2024

Event Durations will be 6-hr and 3-hr.

If you have queries about the event please contact the Event Director, Lucy Hawthorne by email .

Event Date 25-08-2024
Event End Date 25-08-2024
Registration Start Date 01-07-2024
Cut off date 16-08-2024
Registered 0
Location Pat Murnane Memorial Hall

This will be a bush rogaine offering 12-hr or 6-hr events.

Event Date 16-11-2024
Event End Date 16-11-2024
Registration Start Date 01-10-2024
Cut off date 08-11-2024
Registered 0
Location Deddington Area